As a pre-emptive disclaimer: I realize I am starting to say some pretty new age-y shit.  It’s all good though…just start worrying when I stop shaving my pits and change my name to Sunshine Dandelion wpid-fullsizerender.jpg wpid-1000023.jpg

Me and Ian at Tony

Me and Ian at Tony

There are few experiences as transformative as a weekend with Tony Robbins…to be more accurate, a weekend with Tony Robbins and my closest 7000 TR fans.  A cross between a Southern Baptist revival and a rock concert, Unleash the Power Within (UPW) felt like group therapy on crack while main-lining brainwash. The thing is that we’ve been brainwashed our whole lives by society, the crazy shit that happens in our childhoods, etc. and we aren’t aware of most of it.  We don’t question why we have the rules and beliefs we do but they can make us miserable all the same.  Like a rampart wall, our rules protect us and make us feel safe while imprisoning us behind fortresses of fear.  So why not do the brainwashing ourselves for the power of good?

And that’s exactly what Tony Robbins is about…how to use our natural patterned responses to associate wanted outcomes with pleasure and unwanted outcomes with pain.  He emphasizes managing our physiology, emotional states, and energy levels to take control of our minds and not vice versa.  That translates into spontaneous dance parties every 5 minutes with everyone jumping out of their seats, fist-pumping to Swedish House Mafia, and shouting at the top of their lungs.  It works.

All 7000 of us used the physiological prepping/pump up to walk on fire at the end of the first evening.  We had to cross 12 feet of 2000 degree coals into a freezing pile of snow since it was so cold in Jersey that the hoses froze.  My feet seared so much…I wasn’t sure if it was from the snow or burning my foot (it was actually a little bit of both).  Just minor burn…totally worth it.

Tony also had 7000 people in emotional pain (including me sobbing, ian on the floor in the fetal position, and someone actually wailing like a banshee) as part of rewiring. So far, TR and meditation have been my most transformative experiences on the PJ…they are somewhat complementary and somewhat contradictory.

Where they agree: We need to take control of our minds.  You know how you talk to yourself…who’s speaking to whom?  You’re not schizophrenic.  It’s usually your mind talking to your soul and saying some pretty negative shit.  It’s time  to reverse that and get your soul (or inner self) in control.  Our minds are built for survival and thus we will always feel fear.  But we don’t have to act out of fear; instead, we can act out of love.

Where they disagree: TR is looking to use the brain’s natural wiring to associate more empowering outcomes with pleasure.  Meditation wants to break the brain’s natural wiring  through objective observation to bring about a more balanced mind, which can allow us to take the right actions.

Anyways, highly recommend both TR and meditation if you’re open to it.  Lmk if you’d like to learn more about either


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