Month: April 2015

After the life-changing experience of Tony Robbins, it was off to Japan to see two of my closest friends from Hawaii, Allyson and Tracy. I was extremely sleep deprived from the all day and night marathons and generally exhausted from so much transformation! 🙂 It was great luck to arrive in Misawa for the cherry […]
To say the last week in Date with Destiny in the Gold Coast of Australia with Tony Robbins was transformational would be an understatement.  I don’t know how to describe the experience and insight without sounding like a crazy church proselytizer, but I’ve felt like I was swimming upstream my whole life and then I […]
I finished Stacy’s book, Where the Staircase Ends, and wanted to find it a proper home rather than a hostel book exchange. It just so happened that the Exmouth public library was across the street from the hostel so I wandered in and told the librarian about the book. She agreed to shelve it so […]
I decided to spring for another whale shark tour since I enjoyed them so much the first time and I came all the way to Australia and Western Australia for it. They’re not cheap at ~$300 a pop! I’m so happy that I did. It was a very different experience than the first time… We […]
There are two things that have been stressing me out the past few days: 1) the expensiveness to rent a car to go down to Coral Bay to snorkel with manta rays and 2) finding a roommate for Tony Robbins’s Date with Destiny later this week. So, after all my stewing on rental cars, Dotan, […]
Time to conquer my fear!  I’ve been trying to get back into diving since a gnarly dive in Komodo, Indonesia a couple years ago.  I still have a lot of anxiety but am confident I can conquer this.  The fear will be there but I need to dance with it.  I’ve done almost 100 dives…I’m […]
To be honest, I’m kind of sad today.  WA is actually my first time really traveling alone without friends or a tour group.  It’s a little lonely, especially after you meet people in the hostel and then they leave a couple days later.  There’s definitely impermanence in traveling like this. I decided to postpone my […]
Bucket list item checked off!  Whale sharks were amazing.  We saw three different ones that were 3-4m.  These were small compared to the biggest ones that can be over 20m long but it was still magnificent to see.  It was so weird to just see them in the water.  Like everything I had fantasized about […]
Another really quick turnaround in Sydney.  I had great aspirations to climb the Sydney Bridge and see the Taronga Zoo again (one of my favorite zoos in the world!).  That being said, I accomplished quite a bit: catching up with old friends from sorority (Alex) and LEK (Royston and Liz), buying gear (god, I love […]

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