Month: May 2015

I hadn’t planned on coming to Mel’s wedding in Charleston this weekend but after meeting this amazing group of ladies in Vegas for the Bachelorette party, I had to come. Mel’s quality of girlfriends is a testament of how awesome she is. Was a nonstop but not rushed weekend of drinks, dancing, delicious southern food, […]
As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Utila to get back into diving and did so with 10 dives, including 2 nitrox deep dives and 2 night dives. Had one of my best night dives ever in Honduras: saw 3 octopuses, swam in the dark with only ambient moonlight for 5 min, […]
Coral view Water cay, uninhabited island you can hang out for the day. Takes 3 minutes to walk around the island Walk to Pumpkin Hill:
I’ve been on Utila island in Honduras for a week now and settled into great routine…a day of diving/napping/partying hard, followed by a full day of recovery/yoga.  Then repeat.  It’s like college with diving. I kind of booked Utila on a whim since I had two weeks to kill between Wharton reunion and Mel’s wedding…I […]
Hard to believe 5 years have passed since I graduated business school, which means I started 7 years ago…! I was more than a little anxious and embarrassed heading back to Wharton since I’m unemployed, homeless, and single.  But it was actually awesome because I’m unemployed, traveling around, and single.  It really doesn’t matter what […]
It was a quick stop in LA to see my grandpa and friends.  There’s always something about hanging out with your 94-year old grandfather that puts things in perspective. Amazing cupcake from Vishal in commemoration of my Personal Journey: My grandpa and his baller mug: Me and my grandpa:
Another quick turnaround in Hawaii, paying off my sleep deficit, doing life admin, celebrating mother’s day, yoga-ing up, playing Tetris at a bar, experimenting in the kitchen, and surfing in some pretty gnarly storm conditions (chee-hee!).  The great thing about traveling is being able to come home and appreciate it even more.
From amazingly widespread, clean, and technologically sophisticated toilets to a wacky robot show with stripper-taiko dancers, there’s a lot of unique things to enjoy in Japan.  Here are the highlights (consider this a catch-all post for all non-food culture): Wacky “Robot Restaurant” Show: I don’t really have words to describe it though I felt at different […]
We’ve had some crazy delicious and plain crazy foods in Japan!  It’s been a cross between Bizarre Foods (for the broad assortment of living and “not traditionally edible” animals) and No Reservations (in that there were literally no reservations available during Golden Week; side note: I still haven’t figured out what Golden Week is supposed […]

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