I hadn’t planned on coming to Mel’s wedding in Charleston this weekend but after meeting this […]
As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Utila to get back into diving […]
Coral view Water cay, uninhabited island you can hang out for the day. Takes 3 minutes […]
I’ve been on Utila island in Honduras for a week now and settled into great routine…a […]
Hard to believe 5 years have passed since I graduated business school, which means I started […]
It was a quick stop in LA to see my grandpa and friends.  There’s always something […]
Another quick turnaround in Hawaii, paying off my sleep deficit, doing life admin, celebrating mother’s day, yoga-ing up, playing […]
From amazingly widespread, clean, and technologically sophisticated toilets to a wacky robot show with stripper-taiko dancers, […]
We’ve had some crazy delicious and plain crazy foods in Japan!  It’s been a cross between […]

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