Month: June 2015

Life on the Camino is very unique though you fall into a nice rhythm.
Hard to believe that I finished my second week here on the Camino. There is a comforting routine to waking up at 6 a.m. and following yellow arrows for 25 km and 8 hours.
Day 8: Torres Del Rio to Logroño Start: 715 End: 3pm, 20km (12.5 miles) Another 20 kilometer day. I can’t believe I started 1 week ago, I feel like I’ve been walking my whole life. My knee was pretty much killing me from the get go.  Weather held up pretty well with only a couple […]
Day 6: Villatuerta to Villamayor Start: 830, End: 2pm, 12km (7.5 miles) Distances keep shrinking but walking time not changing too much! Today was much cooler but very rainy. I can hear thunder outside. The next stop would have been double the distance so I’m glad we stopped. Highlight of the day was a wine […]
Day 3 Start: 715; End: 3pm Distance: 22km (14 miles) Third day’s a charm… …unless you are my left knee. Definitely in pain as I hobbled into Pamplona. I lost Angelo on the way but met a young German named Jan on the way and we’ve walked together since then.  Traded in for the younger […]
Day 2: Roncesvalles to Zubiri Start: 6:30am; End: 2pm Distance: 22km (14 miles); Elevation gain: 500 ft Okay, that title is a little melodramatic. Actually, today’s route was much easier and very beautiful except for 1) my incredibly sore legs, hip, feet, etc and 2) my worsening cough.
Day 1: St. Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles Start: 5:30am; End: 2:30pm Distance: 27km; Elevation gain: 4,000 ft First day done!  That was really hard!  I started at 5:30 am because of course, I couldn’t sleep out of excitement. I was worried that my cold, having transitioned into the cough phase, would keep me […]
Having woken up at 11 a.m. and slept 12 hours last night, I decided to spend one more day resting before I start the Camino tomorrow.
Spent the last couple days resting in St Jean Pied de Port, nursing a head cold, not surprising after all that travel. I slept 15 hours last night! Was an adventure to get here! I lost my ziploc bag of money on the bus from Biarritz airport to Bayonne train station. I almost freaked out […]
The adventure starts earlier than planned…! My flight to Boston yesterday got canceled so I had to fly from Charlotte to DC… I have 5 flights on 3 airlines with tight connections to get to France. Olé! Deep breaths… Accept, adapt, act. One thing at a time. Had to reduce my stuff down to my […]

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