As I head into the unknown at Burning Man, I’m reflecting on a really fun week and a half of roadtrippin’: with my family from Boston to Montreal and with two of my closest friends / sorority sisters from LA to San Diego and the best concert in my life – Taylor Swift!



As I mentioned in previous posts, Taylor Swift totally rocks and has been the soundtrack of my Camino. It was only fitting that I got to see her in concert, in the flesh, albeit from very very far away. She is such an amazing performer, totally endearing and goofy. Even though she was coming down with a cold, she gave it her all like Michael Jordan with the flu in the NBA Finals. Me and all the other 7 yo Swifties shaking it off want to be her best friend or at least one of her very large supermodel posse.

I won’t flood this post with Taylor lyrics but check out these songs if you’re interested:
– Clean: great song about the complicated nature of break up recovery
– Out of the Woods: would sing the chorus when walking through forests on the Camino (“are we out of the woods yet?”), also love the bridge
– Shake it off: a fave of my 2 and 4 yo nephews! Street cred!
– Welcome to New York: I would creatively freestyle and sing “welcome to the Camino”
– Style: first song I really subjected Jan to on the Camino, also a super sexy, artistic music video
– Bad blood: great girl power video, Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes…? Pure genius
– Wildest Dreams: of course my fave…nothing lasts forever, but this is getting good now!
– Blank Space: Starbucks lovers! I saw this video at a bar the first time I went out in a long time…

Someone told me you should try to be wowed every day and tay tay wowed me for 2.5 hours. Makes you feel alive and in the present moment.

I loved that rush of adrenaline and awe when Taylor made her entrance with Welcome to New York. Such a professional performer and yet is so endearing. And of course, had special guests Omi who sang cheer leader and Avril Lavigne who sang Complicated…hello, high school!

The day after I got back from Germany, me, my parents, my brother and his family I embarked on a one week road trip from Boston up to Montreal. I spent many nights sharing a king size bed with my parents, and I couldn’t help but laugh at how full circle life can be at times.

It was great bonding with my nephews and parents. Interestingly, both little kids and older patients have similar schedules, stamina, and need for naps! Derek, the 2 yo, has taken to asking “Why? Why?” in response to just about everything which has provoked a lot of deep thought on my side. “Derek, good question. I don’t know why you can’t have that cookie.” Brayden, the 4 yo, is into topical remixes like Meghan Trainor’s “It’s all about the strawberry, about the strawberry, no blueberry.”


I was a little worried about what coming back to people who’ve known me so long but to their credit, they’ve given me the space and support to grow and change and I’m super grateful for that. Or maybe, I’ve been on my personal journey for so long, they get that it’s the new me…

I also got to catch up with “Montreal”, a couple that I had met on the first day of the Camino, from you guessed it… Montreal! It was great to reconnect with the Camino through the people and reflect on the challenge of bringing the lessons and energy of the Camino to “normal life”. Talking with people who went through it can really reignite the feelings!

Spent the last day shopping for burning man and hanging out with my 95 yo grandpa in LA!

Now, headed off to the most expensive week of my travels… Burning Man! Between yurts, bike rentals, fake fur coats, and enough baby wipes for “showers,” this has become quite pricey. But it’ll be an experience! And I have faith that everything will turn out well…not perfect, but definitely something different. I was supposed to go with Tom a couple years but was too afraid because of drugs and FOMO so facing my fears means a lot to me.

It’s hilarious to see what people are wearing on the flight to Reno at 7:30am…



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