Month: October 2015

It’s been a really good week in Boston, doing yoga every day, picking Brayden up from school, and generally bonding with family.  I’m really starting to feel that here (wherever / whenver here is) is exactly where I’m supposed to be, even if there is some shaky transition time going between chapters. Babysitting my two […]
In Mexico, I’ve been a cross between a college spring breaker and a lazy hippie…no set itinerary and lots of lounging. Days fly by, but I couldn’t really tell you how I passed the time…yoga, diving, road trips, clubbing, hanging out with Himilce and Cristina in the hostel’s reception while they “work” and I DJ […]
The first week in the Riviera Maya has been beautiful, enjoying nature in Sian Kaan, exploring the nightlife in Tulum, climbing ruins in Coba, and diving the cenotes (caves) near Playa del Carmen. It’s been quite the lifestyle living in a hostel in Playa del Carmen.  Waking up for 10am yoga, drinking a green juice, […]

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