Month: December 2015

People (i.e., my parents) ask what I do all day now.  Hard to say since most of my days are quite varied.  On most days, I’ll make it to a morning yoga class, followed by a shower and lunch at home, and a very relaxing afternoon making a dent in my Netflix list, catching up on […]
I’ve spent so much time this year getting over a romantic relationship, but what I really came to appreciate is the power of friendships… In the past week, my roomies, Karen and Elia, have thrown me a quinceanera, partied hard on school nights…twice…to celebrate my farewell, given touching toasts, and posted shoutouts on Facebook (that’s […]
  On this trip to Playa, I’ve enjoyed the water as always.  I came back to dive with the bull sharks, but looks like it was not to be.  Due to my sore back, wet and windy weather, and perforating my ear drum, I never got the chance…looks like I need to come back before […]

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