Month: May 2016

As part of yoga teacher training, we had to write an essay “about yoga.”  Here is what I wrote: My Eightfold Personal Journey Introduction It might not be exactly what Patanjali had in mind, but I believe the greatest journeys in life take us through the eightfold path.  Like many epic sagas, mine started with […]
It’s 7:30 am, and I’m silently walking alongside the Caribbean Sea, dressed in white and surrounded with similarly introspective pedestrians.   No, we’re not in some sort of Hare Krishna branch or rehab group, although if we were, I suppose we’d be at step 12, “having had a spiritual awakening, we [try] to carry this message […]
I was wondering how to say “no plan plan” in Mexico and apparently, it’s “el plan mexicano.”  I don’t think I had fully appreciated the flexibility, (“cómo se dice ‘flakiness?’”), of the no plan plan until I came to live in Playa del Carmen.  This most subtle of cultural shocks is most brutal!  Sure, throwing […]

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