Month: June 2016

[Note: It’s been awhile since I’ve posted so the next few blog posts will be a bit post-dated but told from my perspective at the time.] It’s been quite the whirlwind couple months since I left Mexico. I spent the second half of June in Boston, immersing myself in my suburban aunty role and bonding with my […]
  Who knew that Mexico would become my home base (más o menos)?  Yet, here I have found myself for the last two months, the fourth time in the last 8 months.  Qué cosas!  When people would mention Mexico, I used to think of tacos, drug cartels, and mariachi bands.  After 8 months…well, at least I can […]
Continuing with my fascination with all things Tim Ferriss, I’ve been on the slow carb diet since I started the yoga course more than two months ago. The meat (no pun intended!) of the diet is: No carbs Little/no sugar, including no fruits No dairy Alcohol is allowed, but I haven’t drunk since coming to MX […]

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