Hiking with girlfriends in some beautiful Swiss alpine spot (they are all gorgeous and look like they came out of a Ricola commercial)


Me and the gorgeous Charlie Dazols! I was thrilled to overlap with Jenni and Lisa in Zurich. I am incredibly grateful for their friendship and support, and their deep love for each other revived my belief in relationships.

The last couple weeks in Switzerland were pretty chill work-wise, giving me lots of time to hang out with friends and finally “make tourism” in and around Zurich.  I also got to teach yoga to my friend’s co-workers in a class of 9!  Was super invigorating to have a class that size and at the end, they surprised me with 27 francs (~$27), which gave me an incredible sense of fulfillment even though I was making way more at work and would have taught for free.


Auf Wiedersehen, Switzerland!

After ~4 months living in the Sheraton and doing the whole 9-to-5 thing again, it was weird to consider returning to my “normal” life of nomadism and unemployment.  The routine of having a job again was not unpleasant and the feeling of making money addictive.  There had been a chance that my contract would be extended, but I think it was the right time for this experiment of corporate re-immersion to end.  It is scarily easy to be lured back into the traditional work world–I’m not saying it’s a bad thing in and of itself, but I would need to make sure that I was doing it for the right reasons, and in this moment, my reasons would be out of fear and uncertainty.


Will miss the luxuries of corporate dinners…like this delicious baby venison dinner with truffle polenta…

As you can imagine, I felt quite the culture shock to be thrust from the soothing comforts of yuppie living into the pounding beats of EDM with my Burning Man and festival crew when I returned to the States (more on that in a later post…).

Funny story: me and a few girlfriends were headed to Pfäffikon to walk around the lake, but apparently there are two Pfäffikon’s located around Zurich…who knew!? And of course, we headed to the wrong one, so mid-train ride, we decided to detour to the lovely town of Einsiedeln, home of a famous abbey and beautiful hiking…turned out very well in the end, though not as we planned (…like LIFE)!


Outside the famous abbey



Beautiful hiking behind abbey. I’m convinced all of Switzerland is postcard perfect.

Around Zurich: I finally got around to walking around the Old City and taking a ferry trip on Lake Zurich to see the expensive lakeside houses


Cool art in train station


Lots of rich people in Zurich…who aren’t afraid to flaunt it.


20161022_132153.jpg 20161022_131257.jpg


…I won’t miss $15 “value” meals at Burger King. Switzerland is crazy expensive!

Scenes from the Sheraton



My front yard in the Sheraton…on a crazy foggy day


View from Club Lounge on the crazy foggy day


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