Month: February 2017

After Tainan, we headed to near my old stomping grounds of Hsinchu.  In a travel-packed day, we hit up Beipu, a traditional Hakka village, and tried to hike our way to Quanhua Temple in Shihtoushan Mountain, only to find out half a heart attack up the hill that the trail to the monastery was closed. […]
[1/1/18: Apologies, just reposted this post, because it mysteriously disappeared…] As part of planning my no plan plan, I’ve wanted to go to Taiwan with my mom to learn Mandarin. However, she decided she had had enough of school decades ago, so we instead took a couple weeks to hang out in Taipei and tour […]
As I’ve been enjoying the retired life of sleeping, eating, and game shows with my grandpa in Los Angeles (he’s definitely got me beat on sleeping), I’ve had time to reflect on home, social media, and money…life’s simple topics! 🙂 Home away from home When you don’t really have a home (ok, Hawaii will always be […]
Last year was very much about confronting work and relationship challenges.  This year, I want to get back to “enjoying nature’s amazing gifts” (the second part of my life mission statement).  Thus, I had two major goals for Playa del Carmen this January: dive as much as possible to enjoy bull shark season and battle my anxieties with […]

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