Month: April 2017

After a few months galavanting around the world, it was nice to come back home to Hawaii for ten days of sun, sharks, seals, sea, food, and seafood!  Non-Christmastime also means friends aren’t so busy with family obligations, the weather is nicer (although it’s all relative…), and there’s not the existential loneliness that sometimes accompanies the emotional expectations […]
I had a great week in Melbourne, catching up with new and old Yalie friends, sightseeing on the Great Ocean Road, checking out a wildlife sanctuary, wine tasting in Yarra Valley, investing in my sleep deficit, and trying to drink like I was a sophomore in college (it was a super depressing winter, OKAY?!).
It had been two years since I was last in Sydney en route to whale sharks and Tony Robbins and 10 years since I lived here…  It’s so interesting how my impression of Sydney has changed so much based on who I’m with and where I am in life.  When I lived here, I was 25 and really […]
Cultural shock. Pure cultural shock hits me as I emerge from my Airbnb to the streets of central Sydney. Food. Delicious, nutritious food, everywhere. So many people, so diverse, so loud, and so good looking… That familiar feeling of ungrounding and disorientation overwhelms me. I feel like I might be nauseous or start crying uncontrollably. […]
I’ve been obsessed with whale sharks for years and really caught the bug when i swam with them in Western Australia in 2015.  I hit the Google to find more opportunities and found the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (that’s a mouthful!).  After a few days in Singapore, I had no idea what to expect when […]

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