Bondi-ing with friends in Sydney

Hitting up iconic Bondi beach with my Date with Destiny buddy, James

Between a rock and a high place…

It had been two years since I was last in Sydney en route to whale sharks and Tony Robbins and 10 years since I lived here…  It’s so interesting how my impression of Sydney has changed so much based on who I’m with and where I am in life.  When I lived here, I was 25 and really mastering the (over)work hard and (over)play hard with Commonwealth-ers, who brought a refreshingly Protestant work ethic to drinking.  “Eating is cheating.”  Why hadn’t I thought of that?

A decade later, I am in a very different place in life but still enjoying the soothingly laidback Aussies.  I love their statements that end in endearing questions that don’t really demand to be answered but just agreeably nodded along with.  Had a good mix of activities with friends from work, business school, Tony Robbins, and Airbnb, including a fun last night on Oxford Street!

Making new friends around the world!

In my previous lives at LEK and Wharton, I pulled a lot of all-nighters…for business and pleasure, respectively!  It was great to see how friends from both have since moved on to new adventures including different careers and families.

Taronga Zoo day with Liz’s family!

Did someone escape from the aviary?! Run / fly free, kookaburra!

Hitting up Din Tai Fung in Sydney with Ruth!!! Taiwan, stop following me!

I got my fix of kiddie time, spiritual classics, home-cooked Chinese food, and tremoring at Grace and Russell’s.

Home-cooked Chinese food with Russell, Grace, and family. Yes, I know I got a name tag on…you never know when your friends might forget your name.

Hanging out with Marcus!

Light bedtime reading from the Porter library…

I also loved celebrating each other’s progress with James, my buddy from Tony Robbins’ Date with Destiny.  A father of four, James and I come from very different worlds but support each other in our respective journeys!

Grabbing food at Bronte Beach on the beautiful Bondi to Coogee coastal walk

I love all-day brekkie!

It was mind- and heart-opening to spend time with James and Grace/Russell, who have very healthy long-term relationships and families.  Though it makes me uncomfortable, I like being exposed to different perspectives and ways of living.  It’s made me revisit my current views on relationships, marriage, and children.  Stay tuned…(though step-momming still a favorite idea of mine…kids <=50% of the time, no perianal tears, and significant impact on children without the guilt of raising serial killers!)

I also befriended my Airbnb roommate, Patricia, a bar manager, who helped me ease back into drinking after the dry Maldives.  She also taught me a bit about bartending (something I’m curious about).  We had a memorable Monday night at the Stonewall with drag queens and rando’s!

And lastly, random photos from traveling to and around Sydney!

Location, location, location! I found a nice property in Kuala Lumpur for my overnight layover with its own electricity and conveniently located to cash!  Didn’t get a chance to meet my neighbor

What I think about cold weather and not being in the Maldives…

More of Sydney coastline

Near Bronte Beach

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Nic. It was awesome to see you again. Thanks for your story-telling, high energy and for being a genuinely great buddy over the past 2 years. The journey continues……

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