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Go after what you really want!! …with a spear!

Whale shark love!

Every time I come to Playa del Carmen, there seems to be a very different theme to my stay. When I first came, it was about non-stop partying and embracing a wilder and freer me. The second time, it was about experiencing Mexican living and celebrating my quinceañera. Other themes included yoga teacher training and slow carb diet, bull sharks and DJing, and recovering from too much travel. I’ve stayed in different places almost every single time and in some stays, multiple places…nomadicism at its best!

This stay has been about embracing my digital nomad lifestyle and seeing if I can make this sustainable – to balance life with work…life/work balance. As my three “jobs” have all picked up–building my coaching experience and practice, GMAT test prep writing, and having my first client applicant for business school–it’s been an interesting process of calibration on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. I find I’m spending too many hours in front of the computer, eyes straining, wrists and elbows aching…almost like I did in the corporate world, but I’m definitely enjoying what I do so much more.  For me, I think there is so much value in freedom (of time management and location), connection in helping others, authenticity to be me, and growth.

Wise words from a friend!

I find it a healthy struggle to make sure that I remind myself why I chose this dream lifestyle: not just to help other people, but to enjoy the things I really love in life, like scuba diving, hanging out with friends, doing yoga, taking side trips to swim with whale sharks in Holbox, and in general, having the flexibility to do what I want when I want…to some degree, of course!  I also take time for “self care” like yoga, getting my own coaching, and mix-modality psychotherapy (i.e., self-hypnosis and body somatics…more on that in another post).  If I can’t be the best version of myself, I can’t show up as an awesome coach.

Hanging out with friends!

Hanging out with friends!

I find that there are powerful synergies and learning across the three areas, especially with coaching and business school consulting. My life has more purpose, and I like being busy.  Some days feel a bit overwhelming but on a meta-level, I’m really enjoying this process of not only creating the life I want to lead on a “high” level, but designing the life I want to lead on a day-to-day basis.

I know I’m headed in the right direction and the fluctuating, meandering nature of my path is in and of itself something very intentional and part of the adventure. It’s a very different perspective than I’ve taken ever in life, this idea of creating an MVP or minimum viable product, and adjusting on the fly. Feeling proud of something that’s imperfect because it is alive and out there in the world versus waiting to incubate something that will never be perfect. I find that the journey is the purpose and that the destination is unimportant other than providing a general heading.

Doing what I love…

Diving / whale sharks

Adventures with friends

Smurfing out!

With Himilce, my spirit sister

Yes, we are the most beautiful persons in the world…with my gay novio

Made a fucking tortilla espanola…fuck yeah!



Side trip to Holbox!

Hammocking in Holbox with Elia

Lauryn and I in Holbox

Yoga and zumba!


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