Swimming after Destiny

Or is Destiny swimming after me?

Hanging out with my peeps!

Who’s got two thumbs and loves whale sharks?

My name is Nicole, and I’m a sharkaholic.  Whale, bull, nurse, Galapagos…whatever, just bring them on!

This whole post is literally about whale – fucking – sharks!  I will follow them committed stalker-style anywhere in the world…Western Australia, Maldives, Mexico…

I spent a total of three days out in Isla Mujeres, including a romantic weekend getaway for one, braving the bumpy seas and begging the captain like my 6 year-old nephew for “just one more time!” in the water.  Meanwhile, everyone around me was chumming the water with their breakfasts.

Somehow, (at a frequency that seems higher than normal), I came to work (for free) as the translator on the boat, giving the safety briefings and being the general tour guide.  While I earned big tips for Captain Bigote (not his real name) and the naturalist guide, Martin, I got to get in the water a couple extra times, and Martin took awesome videos and photos of me! Win Win.  And that’s how things are done in Mexico! 🙂

Even for a whale shark lover, Mexico was awesome!! I finally saw one feeding vertically…pure whale shark porn!

I’m thinking a 12-month calendar of sexy whale shark shots, including this beauty below?!

How an encounter feels…

Date weekend with myself in Isla Mujeres…


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