Month: January 2018

I shovel truffle egg white flan into my mouth at the decadent St. Regis breakfast while hungrily devouring my Whatsapp and Facebook messages. I’m a little drowsy from the melatonin I’ve been taking every night to adjust to the jetlag – after a week, I’m finally feeling accustomed to the Asian time zone, just in […]
Since the end of November, I’ve been traveling every two weeks: Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Hawaii, now back to Playa after five months, and next off to India and Singapore.  In the month of January, I will have only spent 8 days in the Bay Area.  I feel oddly at home returning to my nomadic lifestyle: […]
It’s overcast and drizzly outside my studio in San Jose, a stark contrast to the always sunny disposition of Hawaii.  Even when it’s partly cloudy and storming in the winter, there’s a chill exuberance of life with the valleys and mountains coming alive with a rich coat of green. A dull ache sits in my […]

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