Month: March 2019

The purpose of life…oooh! Separateness on a macro level and on the individual level is an illusion, and our life’s work is fully embracing the wholeness and oneness within and without.  The goal of all inner work is the integration of disparate parts (e.g., light/dark, good/evil, corporate/hippie, intense/chill, conscious/unconscious) to return to our natural state of […]
A restorative week of repatriation in NYC! Facing fears by giving a talk about fear (meta!) at Out Women in Business conference, bowling with new friends, chilling with my favorite four-legged and two-legged buds, managing to find the worst of the worst on Netflix, and of course, pizza.
Amazing few days in the Glaciers National Park in Argentinian Patagonia: visited Cerro Fitz Roy (the poor knock-off of an inspirational corporate logo), boated up to the Perito Moreno Glacier (saw a big sheet of ice calve into the water!), and ate lots of lamb and gelato!!  One last long hike to Fitz Roy after […]
Recently finished the 50-mile Torres del Paine W circuit in southern Patagonia! A physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging and rewarding solo journey. Reminded me a lot of the Camino de Santiago, 10-day silent meditation, and being in a hurricane:
Another magical time with Bio Bio in FutaleufĂș! So much love and gratitude! Just a few of the many highlights:

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