Keeping it weird in Austin (my next home base?)

Me and my badass cousin, Em, in Austin!

Family 5K in Houston!

I spent a week recharging with family in Texas – a few days with my mom and bro’s family in Houston and a few days with my cousin, Em, in Austin.  While soccer momming it with my mom in Houston, I thought about how great it’d be to be closer to my nephews and a real part of their lives.  I’ve only thought about Austin in passing as a potential home base years ago when just my cousin lived there, but with my bro’s family a three-hour bus ride away, Austin’s vibrant tech scene, and strong queer community, I found myself seriously considering and getting excited about living in a new place.

I love traveling for sure (and in some ways, the road feels more like home), but I’ve also dreaded moving back to San Francisco.  For some reason, I haven’t felt like there are other options…I’ve lived in LA and don’t like the urban sprawl and driving culture, and other cities lack friends/family, proximity to Hawaii, cool companies, good queer community, or acceptable temperatures.  Austin fits most of those except for the temperature, but I’m generally more resilient to extreme heat than cold.

A few days in Austin followed by a week in SF solidified my working hypothesis.  There are definitely things and people that I love about SF, but I know it just doesn’t feel right.  I’m negative and caustic towards the city, and though I’ve embraced change and even failure as a philosophical truth and lifestyle, I can’t for some reason walk away from SF.  I have some sort of belief that I must stay in SF to prove something to myself.  For me, SF is that hot lover you know is long-term incompatible, but the specter of breaking up makes it irresistibly attractive.

So, for now, I’ve limited the need to come back to SF (even though my tiny home / storage unit is there and continent-hopping requires some repacking).  I’ll focus on traveling this year and see where the signs are pointing at the end of the year.

Texas Pics!

Public school art night sponsored by Christie’s (WTF?!)

Karaoke dive bar in Austin…yessssss!!!

Me and Penny, Em’s puppy

Compression boots in Austin…!! Hard core!

“Working” with Penny

Original Whole Foods!

SF: a great time seeing friends, doing regular check-ups, and spending way too much money on everything!!!

Catching up with my SJ roommie!

Through the power of FB, realized I coincided with my friend from white water rafting in Patagonia a month ago!

Of course, I dropped in to my favorite SF lunch! Alina, my favorite dancer, was there!!

My tiny home!

Repacking through August…

Finally made it to Bernal Heights!




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