U-S-A, U-S-A!

After a solo week trip to Croatia, I headed to Paris for the Women’s World Cup quarterfinals and Paris Pride with SF flag football friends. It was such a rush that I decided to scrap my Spain plans and stay in France for the semis and finals in Lyon!


It’s hard to describe the exhilaration of cheering for your country while 45,000 raucous French fans are jumping so hard that the stadium is shaking. It was the first time in a long time that I felt stoked to be American and wear the flag proudly. Women’s World Cup was also more Pride than Pride, because it was as if all the lesbians in the world descended to France to watch world-class soccer once every couple days and go to lesbian bars every night…my favorite, L Bar in Lyon!


A friend also made Rapinoe shirts saying: “I’m not going the f*cking White House,” and we became celesbians with everyone wanting to take photos with us!

Of course, there was time for playing tourist as well!

I thought I was going to feel lonely, since I sometimes feel like I don’t belong in the SF flag football crew. And I did sometimes feel left out, but I tried to accept the feeling fully, observe it, and just let it be uncomfortable. Inevitably, it would pass, and I could just enjoy my awesome life. Gratitude.


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