After a brief respite in Houston, I headed to Africa for a 12-day tour with Bio Bio Expeditions (the company I teach yoga for in Patagonia) to raft the mighty Zambezi and go on safaris. I then took an 18-hour shuttle ride both ways from South Africa to dive and relax for a week in Tofo Beach.

It was a thrilling adventure including wiping out on Rapid 18 “Oblivion,” group food poisoning (E. Coli and Shigella!), and close encounters with elephants and other amazing creatures! So much fun but felt totally exhausted physically and emotionally. I signed up for the trip with three other thirty-to-forty-somethings that I had met on my first rafting trip in Patagonia. It was really fun, but I also felt stressed from trying to find my place of belonging in the group. And in the end, it was somewhat easy to let go, because we were all going our separate ways. Just another step in my journey through FOMO and belonging.


Unfortunately in Moz, I didn’t get to swim with the humpback whales but still had a marvelous time diving with oceanic manta rays, leopard sharks, dolphins, and small-eyed rays! And I continued my challenge with panicking during diving though I have exciting new ideas of how to heal more with my hippie therapist in Playa del Carmen…stay tuned! Before then, Cape Town for two weeks, Uganda for 9 days, and a dive trip in Baja for 9 days…!


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