I decided to take a much needed break from traveling for some family QT, babysitting my nephews during Thanksgiving week. They were off school but their parents still had to work, so I embarked on my short-term immersive internship as a stay-at-home aunt. At 6 and 8, they play a lot on their own, and I’m usually only needed as a judge for conflict resolution (i.e., fighting and tears) and as a Disney guru, explaining how genies work in Aladdin and whose voice was singing to Elsa in Frozen II (if you figure it out, let me know!).

On our Frozen II adventure!

My saving grace is the power I yield to give and more typically, take away, minutes that they use to play Pokemon on the weekends. So much power, I almost get drunk on it! Who knew it would feel so good?! It really is remarkable how much they’ve changed whenever I see them (usually every couple months). They are growing up quickly, and I fear the day the Pokemon carrot/stick loses its power!

Me and Johnna in front of their beautiful Christmas tree!

It was also a great week catching up with friends from Burning Man (Jess and Kyle) and from my rafting trip in Zimbabwe (Ben and Johnna). I also got to check out the one lesbian bar, Pearl. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by queer womxn again…Africa and Mexico were a ton of fun and adventure but pretty bereft of queer community. It’s so important for me to be able to express all my multiple selves in different contexts, whether under the sea, in the forest, or dancing in a lesbian bar!

With Ben and Johnna. They gifted me a self-defense “kitty” which is a key chain that looks like a cat and can be used as brass knuckles by placing your middle and ring finger through the kitty’s eyes…! Texas!

I slept a lot, maybe 8-9 hours a night, which my body probably desperately needed from the last few months, maybe last 10 months! And I’ve started to get maybe open to the idea of being in one place to be able to make more stable connections and see where Tinder dates go!

Until then, off to Playa del Carmen, my other home away from home when I don’t have a home! Excited to see my expat girlfriends and Mexican cholos!

Goofballs at the lunch I made…yeehaw!
Derek, still timid on the bike!



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