After a restorative week and a half in Houston playing a stay-at-home-aunty, it was time to head home to Playa, my home away from home if I had a home! I’ve been coming to Playa since the winter of 2015 when I followed my spirit sister, Himilce, who was moving here to start a new life. Since then, I became a mujer with my quinceañera, sweated through my yoga teacher training, dived with bull sharks, and found out what mordida means!

After a busy year of intense traveling, I enjoyed the familiar welcome of Playa, driven mostly by mi gente: a group of ex-pat girlfriends, my Mexican family, dive buddies, and yoga peeps. It is one of the places I feel encompasses many of my authentic selves.

  • Celebrating my first posada with mi familia playense, which I learned involves group duets (one group asking for shelter from outside a la Mary and Joseph, the other group agreeing…it all sounded a little stranger danger…), drinking a fruit ponche, playing Uno without subtitles!, wardrobe changes (Gerardo’s shirt looked too lesbian not too switch into), flailing at a piñata, and karaoke (my go to: Si no te huberias ido)
  • Diving with bull sharks: love, love, love them! Unfortunately, they disappeared in the second half of my trip, potentially from a fisherman hooking one of them and the rest of them fleeing from the smell of shark blood in the water
  • Girls’ Night. Girls’ Day. Best group of girls either side of the border! Will support you through excessive shoppies, ER visits, dive prom, dry spells, pun times, C-boards, and letter writing under the influence.



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