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I know it’s been ages since I’ve written, mostly the Dark Ages. Hell, it has seemed like ages since Election Day three days ago… This will be a short post to get back on the horse. I’ll be writing more frequently and if you haven’t checked out my website, do a little tour as I’ve […]
As I enter week 4 of quarantine since hoofing it back from Patagonia in an impromptu 48-hour travel marathon, the new norm is feeling oddly normal with punctuated pangs of panic against a backdrop of low key anxiety. It’s early April, and I’ve more or less been following my planned month of boring, except I’m […]
What a crazy world I reemerged into last Friday after just a week off the grid in Patagonia!  After a couple hours of waffling, I cancelled my trip to Easter Island and flew all the way back home to Hawaii in a 48-hour marathon travel to get back before borders/flights got complicated and be nearer […]
I’m about halfway into my time in Playa and loving it as always.  It has been restorative, revelatory, confronting, and preparatory for the next chapter of my journey.  Several themes have emerged for me this year and maybe they’re all interrelated in one big spiritual / personal development orgy…
This is 38.  I love it.  And sometimes I heavily dislike it.   There is pretty much nothing I could have predicted my life would be like ten years ago, and that fact is neither reassuring nor discomforting.  I am constantly reminded about the unstoppable march to death as my vision worsens, my hair recedes, […]
Between battling Bali belly (where I really learned to “let go”) and insatiable mosquitos, I’ve had a refreshing and invigorating three weeks in Bali, TAing the coaching course I took in Sonoma 2.5 years ago. Giving back as a volunteer TA allowed me to appreciate how much I’ve grown since my course and reminded me […]
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
After a restorative week and a half in Houston playing a stay-at-home-aunty, it was time to head home to Playa, my home away from home if I had a home! I’ve been coming to Playa since the winter of 2015 when I followed my spirit sister, Himilce, who was moving here to start a new […]
I decided to take a much needed break from traveling for some family QT, babysitting my nephews during Thanksgiving week. They were off school but their parents still had to work, so I embarked on my short-term immersive internship as a stay-at-home aunt. At 6 and 8, they play a lot on their own, and […]

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