I had a great week in Melbourne, catching up with new and old Yalie friends, sightseeing […]
It had been two years since I was last in Sydney en route to whale sharks […]
Cultural shock. Pure cultural shock hits me as I emerge from my Airbnb to the streets […]
To say the last week in Date with Destiny in the Gold Coast of Australia with […]
I finished Stacy’s book, Where the Staircase Ends, and wanted to find it a proper home […]
I decided to spring for another whale shark tour since I enjoyed them so much the […]
There are two things that have been stressing me out the past few days: 1) the […]
Time to conquer my fear!  I’ve been trying to get back into diving since a gnarly […]
To be honest, I’m kind of sad today.  WA is actually my first time really traveling […]
Bucket list item checked off!  Whale sharks were amazing.  We saw three different ones that were […]

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