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As I head into the unknown at Burning Man, I’m reflecting on a really fun week and a half of roadtrippin’: with my family from Boston to Montreal and with two of my closest friends / sorority sisters from LA to San Diego and the best concert in my life – Taylor Swift! As I […]
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A common question on the Camino is: Why are you walking?  The official recordkeepers in Santiago even ask you whether you walked for religious or spiritual reasons when you get your certificate of completion. If I had to pick one, I´d say I was walking for spiritual reasons since I was searching for strength in a […]
I’m sitting backward on a train headed out of Santiago, and it’s surreal that my Camino experience is over.  Maybe I’ll always be oriented towards Santiago. No more running into friends in random towns, no more knee wrap, no more pack weight loss fantasies, no more sleep-depriving snoring in crowded albergues, and no more crazy […]
It still hasn’t really sunk in that I’ve walked 800 km / 500 miles to arrive in Santiago yesterday. Woohoo! It’s so great to get here and see a lot of the friends I made along the way. If the Camino is a mini life, then Santiago is heaven where you get to reunite with […]
Quote from John Brierly, author of Camino guidebook/”the bible” The final section of the Camino from O Cebreiro to Santiago (~150 km) goes through rural Galicia. Lots of farmland, cute villages, cows, and cow dung everywhere. Jan grew up on a dairy farm and I’ve learned more about cows and hay vs straw than I […]
Back to traveling with Jan! Belén had to take a bus ahead because she had less time 🙁 Jan and I started this section strong, staying on track or ahead of the guide book. That lasted for about 2.5 days and then we just started to enjoy ourselves (ie late starts, short days, catching up […]
I started this section with a nice walking rhythm, waking up early to avoid the heat and doing 25+ km (15+ mile) days. Then I really came to embrace enjoying the Camino, ie, drinking more wine, walking less, and blogging sporadically (about 3 weeks behind). I think it started when a group of Italian priests […]
Hard to believe that I finished my second week here on the Camino. There is a comforting routine to waking up at 6 a.m. and following yellow arrows for 25 km and 8 hours.
Day 8: Torres Del Rio to Logroño Start: 715 End: 3pm, 20km (12.5 miles) Another 20 kilometer day. I can’t believe I started 1 week ago, I feel like I’ve been walking my whole life. My knee was pretty much killing me from the get go.  Weather held up pretty well with only a couple […]

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