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What a crazy world I reemerged into last Friday after just a week off the grid in Patagonia!  After a couple hours of waffling, I cancelled my trip to Easter Island and flew all the way back home to Hawaii in a 48-hour marathon travel to get back before borders/flights got complicated and be nearer […]
Recently finished the 50-mile Torres del Paine W circuit in southern Patagonia! A physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging and rewarding solo journey. Reminded me a lot of the Camino de Santiago, 10-day silent meditation, and being in a hurricane:
Another magical time with Bio Bio in Futaleufú! So much love and gratitude! Just a few of the many highlights:
A great few days in the Yosemite of Chile with impressive granite faces framing a gorgeous valley. Various river crossings on horse back and precarious tree trunks on foot.  It was incredibly tranquil, and I love immersing in different communities, even if just briefly.  This time, it was the climbing community in a lush river […]
Author’s note: I’ve really gotten behind in posting so some of these are from last month… After an intense first couple of months in the year, including saying goodbye to my beloved grandfather and resulting grief- fueled chasing the night, it was hard to leave San Francisco, laden with such overwhelming fomo.  I was spinning at […]

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