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After five days in Granada, I headed to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to join Lauryn and her six Minnesota friends on the tail-end of an epic girls’ trip with booze, beach, spontaneous booty dancing, inside jokes/hashtags #ope #cashmeoutsidehowboutdat #secondchakra #whitelobster #snorkelingforthefirsttime, and skinny dipping in the rain (finally! after failed attempts in Little Corn).  Skinny dipping is def […]
What a great way to end the Costa Rican Adventure trip!  We started the trip at Puerto Viejo, a beach on the Caribbean side and are ending the trip at Manuel Antonio, a beach on the Pacific side.  There’s a nice symmertry to that although the towns are completely different. We passed an adrenaline-pumping bridge […]
It’s hard to believe we’re on the last stop in the 7 destination, 15 day trip. We hit a good backpacker-y rhythm of traveling one day (via van, boat, bus, tractor, etc.) and then hanging out one day.  It gets a little tiring but it’s a great way to explore the diverse areas of Costa […]
Today was an amazing adrenaline sandwich between two pieces of “nature” bread. Morning started with a serene walk through a cloud forest.  True to form, the clouds rolled into the forest.  Didn’t see any mammals but a lot of cool birds and our guide’s love of flora and fauna and moisture was contagious.
Another transit day…van, boat, van this time. Really beautiful boat ride through the lake and met this random family whose dad sounds like Barack Obama.
Second day of adventuring around La Fortuna was white water rafting class 3 and 4 in Sarapiquí river!  Also, the guide was as hot as the weather and as exciting as the rapids…unfortunately, no pics of him.
Amazing morning spent canyoneering…i.e., rapelling down waterfalls and soaring down 200 feet, followed by delicious food.
Time for another travel day…en route to La Fortuna, the Queenstown NZ of Costa Rica, aka the home of adventure sports.
The different areas of Costa Rica have been so distinct and Sarapiqui Rain Forest is no exception (even though that sounds like an oxymoron).
Had a great day with wildlife spotting. First, from a kayak at 6 am, then on a short afternoon walk. It’s awesome being in nature.

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