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We had just gotten to Trinidad the night before and were ready to go out that Friday night.  After a hearty dinner and resting at home until 11pm to prepare ourselves for a big night out, we started at the famous Casa de la Música.  The plan was to practice salsa-ing and get inspired by amazing dancers before […]
Based on Mary’s recommendation that there was “nothing to see” in Cienfuegos, we wisely shortened our stop there to one night.  One day was the perfect amount of time to check out the French colonial buildings, enjoy a lazy lunch including lounging in the patio for 3 hours, a beautiful sunset, an amazing rooftop bar, and finally, […]
Keri and I decided to spend 4 nights in Trinidad since there was supposed to be a lot of culture, music, and dancing.  Unfortunately, Fidel died on the second night we were there, kicking off a 9-day mourning including no music or performances.  That night, we were confused why Casa de Musica shut down so early and […]
After a few nights in Havana, we ventured west to the green valleys of Viñales where tobacco is grown and cigars are born.  We hadn’t originally planned to visit Viñales, but it ended up being filled with memorable outdoorsy experiences including a sunrise hike, sunset horseback riding, a daylong hike to caves and a pond, and making traveler […]
Adding on to my previous summary post on Cuba, here are more photos and vignettes from the first and last part of our trip in Havana (known as La Habana to Cubans).
Located just 90 miles from Florida, the socialist island nation of Cuba has been officially off-limits for unofficial US travelers.  The legal and practical restrictions have loosened greatly in the last couple years, thanks to Obama, and I was glad to make it over there before Trump creates an international shit storm.  Staying in casa […]

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