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As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to Utila to get back into diving and did so with 10 dives, including 2 nitrox deep dives and 2 night dives. Had one of my best night dives ever in Honduras: saw 3 octopuses, swam in the dark with only ambient moonlight for 5 min, […]
Coral view Water cay, uninhabited island you can hang out for the day. Takes 3 minutes to walk around the island Walk to Pumpkin Hill:
I’ve been on Utila island in Honduras for a week now and settled into great routine…a day of diving/napping/partying hard, followed by a full day of recovery/yoga.  Then repeat.  It’s like college with diving. I kind of booked Utila on a whim since I had two weeks to kill between Wharton reunion and Mel’s wedding…I […]

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