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10 days of oishi food, old and new friends, clean public bathrooms, excessive and intricate packaging, crowded trains, temples and shrines galore, glorious mountain nature, thrift shops, and a fun lesbian bar!  I came to Tokyo to visit Ako, one of my closest friends coming out of ALCN “coach school.”  I hadn’t seen Ako in […]
From amazingly widespread, clean, and technologically sophisticated toilets to a wacky robot show with stripper-taiko dancers, there’s a lot of unique things to enjoy in Japan.  Here are the highlights (consider this a catch-all post for all non-food culture): Wacky “Robot Restaurant” Show: I don’t really have words to describe it though I felt at different […]
We’ve had some crazy delicious and plain crazy foods in Japan!  It’s been a cross between Bizarre Foods (for the broad assortment of living and “not traditionally edible” animals) and No Reservations (in that there were literally no reservations available during Golden Week; side note: I still haven’t figured out what Golden Week is supposed […]
After the life-changing experience of Tony Robbins, it was off to Japan to see two of my closest friends from Hawaii, Allyson and Tracy. I was extremely sleep deprived from the all day and night marathons and generally exhausted from so much transformation! 🙂 It was great luck to arrive in Misawa for the cherry […]

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