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I’m about halfway into my time in Playa and loving it as always.  It has been restorative, revelatory, confronting, and preparatory for the next chapter of my journey.  Several themes have emerged for me this year and maybe they’re all interrelated in one big spiritual / personal development orgy…
This is 38.  I love it.  And sometimes I heavily dislike it.   There is pretty much nothing I could have predicted my life would be like ten years ago, and that fact is neither reassuring nor discomforting.  I am constantly reminded about the unstoppable march to death as my vision worsens, my hair recedes, […]
After a restorative week and a half in Houston playing a stay-at-home-aunty, it was time to head home to Playa, my home away from home if I had a home! I’ve been coming to Playa since the winter of 2015 when I followed my spirit sister, Himilce, who was moving here to start a new […]
After an epic dive trip, Christina and I spent a needed day recharging in the all-inclusive Holiday Inn Resort in San Jose del Cabo, indulging in “bracelet life!” Like a cruise but on land–with mediocre all-day buffets, wet bars at the pool, and free activities including “Crazy Game” (never found out what it was), Foam […]
After an exhausting tour in Uganda and a 40-hour trip back to the States, I had foolishly planned only a day of rest in Houston before jetting off to Baja California Sur for a 9-day dive trip. Add daylight savings to jet lag, and I was in piss-poor condition for an intensely physical adventure. With […]
Hands down, this might have been the most epic visit to Playa and multi-day birthday celebration to date!  The 2.5 weeks slowly picked up pace as I dragged myself slightly tattered to a place I consider a nomadic home.  I found and grounded myself through the things I love: Mexican and expat friends, sharks, shark […]
Since the end of November, I’ve been traveling every two weeks: Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Hawaii, now back to Playa after five months, and next off to India and Singapore.  In the month of January, I will have only spent 8 days in the Bay Area.  I feel oddly at home returning to my nomadic lifestyle: […]
I absolutely love Playa despite the insufferable heat and annoyingly ambitious mosquitos. As I leave again for the 8th time in less than two years, I wonder what draws me to this place when every trip seems so different. I realize it’s an enchanting mix of challenge and comfort, unknown and familiar, social bonding and self-care […]
My name is Nicole, and I’m a sharkaholic.  Whale, bull, nurse, Galapagos…whatever, just bring them on! This whole post is literally about whale – fucking – sharks!  I will follow them committed stalker-style anywhere in the world…Western Australia, Maldives, Mexico… I spent a total of three days out in Isla Mujeres, including a romantic weekend getaway for […]
Every time I come to Playa del Carmen, there seems to be a very different theme to my stay. When I first came, it was about non-stop partying and embracing a wilder and freer me. The second time, it was about experiencing Mexican living and celebrating my quinceañera. Other themes included yoga teacher training and […]

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