I’m about halfway into my time in Playa and loving it as always.  It has been restorative, […]
This is 38.  I love it.  And sometimes I heavily dislike it.   There is pretty […]
After a restorative week and a half in Houston playing a stay-at-home-aunty, it was time to […]
After an epic dive trip, Christina and I spent a needed day recharging in the all-inclusive […]
After an exhausting tour in Uganda and a 40-hour trip back to the States, I had […]
Hands down, this might have been the most epic visit to Playa and multi-day birthday celebration […]
Since the end of November, I’ve been traveling every two weeks: Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Hawaii, now […]
I absolutely love Playa despite the insufferable heat and annoyingly ambitious mosquitos. As I leave again […]
My name is Nicole, and I’m a sharkaholic.  Whale, bull, nurse, Galapagos…whatever, just bring them on! […]
Every time I come to Playa del Carmen, there seems to be a very different theme […]

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