Category: Nicaragua

Lauryn headed on to Costa Rica and I had a week or so with a true noplanplan.  So, I headed back up to Granada on an adventurous, quintessentially Central American ride in a chicken bus. I sweated in the sun for an hour, waiting for the old school bus to leave.  Happy to have a seat even […]
A monster travel day with a ferry, taxi, two plane flights, another taxi, another ferry, and one pick-up truck taxi to our final destination on the beautiful Island of Ometepe. After the idyllic Caribbean life, we headed into the laidback volcanic life of Ometepe, located in the middle of an enormous lake. Lauryn and I spent the next […]
After what was more like a long nap in a legitly sketchy neighborhood in Managua, Lauryn and I arrived at the airport unnecessarily early for our 6:30am flight on Nicaragua’s only domestic airline as we headed to Little Corn Island.  It was a trek to get to the Caribbean island (ironically, we stay a few […]

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