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A couple winters ago, I did an online workshop on finding my lines of bliss.  A few areas that I identified were learning new languages, eating good food, making genuine connections around the world, teaching, being with nature, and expressing myself creatively.  In the three weeks I was in Taipei, I felt I totally got […]
  I first fell in love with Taiwan when I came here in 2002 to write English workbooks as part of a Yale in China summer internship.  [Read: cheap child labor to explore a new country…a win win!]  I would spend 40 hours a week trying to make Disney-esque perverted reading comprehension passages about Dick […]
After Tainan, we headed to near my old stomping grounds of Hsinchu. ┬áIn a travel-packed day, we hit up Beipu, a traditional Hakka village, and tried to hike our way to Quanhua Temple in Shihtoushan Mountain, only to find out half a heart attack up the hill that the trail to the monastery was closed. […]
[1/1/18: Apologies, just reposted this post, because it mysteriously disappeared…] As part of planning my no plan plan, I’ve wanted to go to Taiwan with my mom to learn Mandarin. However, she decided she had had enough of school decades ago, so we instead took a couple weeks to hang out in Taipei and tour […]

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