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Children change so much in 6 months!  To be fair, half a year is a large chunk of their lives, but it was amazing to see how quickly my nephews had changed since I last saw them in November.  Brayden turned 6, and Derek is well on his way to 4.  Since then, they got […]
After a few months galavanting around the world, it was nice to come back home to Hawaii for ten days of sun, sharks, seals, sea, food, and seafood!  Non-Christmastime also means friends aren’t so busy with family obligations, the weather is nicer (although it’s all relative…), and there’s not the existential loneliness that sometimes accompanies the emotional expectations […]
Between turtle and dolphin snorkeling, seeing friends and family, and chowing down on great local food, I had my annual existential crisis. I realize that the beginning of the year can be such a weird time for me.  Last year at this time, I felt the same gnawing discomfort at not knowing what the year will […]
After the non-stop partying of NYC, I returned to Boston a different type of non-stopness…my young nephews!  And all my traveling finally caught up with me.  Honestly, I blame Trump, because I woke up with a sore throat and sore heart after staying up all night to watch the apocalyptic / horror-show election results roll in. […]
Emerging from the desert and Burning Man can be a very jarring experience, especially when you don’t know whether you still have a job or not.  For better or for worse, it was quite smooth for me since I found out I still had a job and was quickly re-immersed as I worked out of […]
[Note: It’s been awhile since I’ve posted so the next few blog posts will be a bit post-dated but told from my perspective at the time.] It’s been quite the whirlwind couple months since I left Mexico. I spent the second half of June in Boston, immersing myself in my suburban aunty role and bonding with my […]
I have felt more (reverse) cultural shock in my one-month cross-continental tour in the States than traipsing through Central America.  I love visiting family and friends…it’s one of the greatest perks of not working.  They’re a good meter stick (or yard stick!) for measuring change but I also feel the strong gravitational pull back towards […]
It’s been a long winter hiatus from writing.  I spent December and early January in Hawaii and Boston for a much needed period of Netflix binging, experimenting with cooking, chill family/friend time, and sheer boredom punctuated by uncomfortable conversations with my mom about my non-traditional lifestyle. The quiet time gave me valuable space to reflect […]
The past couple weeks in NYC, SF, and LA have given lots for me to reflect on. I always experience reverse cultural shock returning to the US. It’s jarring to go from cheap Mexico where I hang out with people who live more paycheck to paycheck and then go to NY/SF/LA where it’s totally normal […]
It’s been a really good week in Boston, doing yoga every day, picking Brayden up from school, and generally bonding with family.  I’m really starting to feel that here (wherever / whenver here is) is exactly where I’m supposed to be, even if there is some shaky transition time going between chapters. Babysitting my two […]

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