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After hanging out in SF for a few days and seeing 4 doctors in one day (!), I headed to San Luis Obispo (SLO) to support Jenni and Lisa’s documentary.
As a pre-emptive disclaimer: I realize I am starting to say some pretty new age-y shit.  It’s all good though…just start worrying when I stop shaving my pits and change my name to Sunshine Dandelion
It’s Day 2 (of 11), and I’m staring down my “dinner”, a dry orange, while the fluorescent light flickers overhead. For the past 48 hours, I haven’t spoken to or made eye contact with anyone…I’ve basically been living with disembodied shoes and leggings. No, I’m not surviving the zombie apocalypse…I’m at a 10-day vipassana meditation […]
Hey guys, Welcome to my personal journey blog! Note: you can subscribe to my blog by clicking FOLLOW at the bottom of any page.  Without further ado, I’ll keep this intro brief…

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