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As an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC) since 2017, I help individuals find higher satisfaction, performance, and fulfillment in their work as well
as align their personal purpose, values, and life choices. 

I coach people with diverse backgrounds across regions, functions, and executive/emerging leader positions. I’m passionate about D&I areas including gender, sexuality, and race. I also coach around “life” topics like dating, relationships,
and mindfulness. 

I am supported by 10+ years of international corporate experience
 advising executives in Tech, Ecommerce, and Management Consulting, where I held strategy, M&A, and business development positions.  

Coaching Experience:

Coaching Approach

I was fortunate to excel in the top schools and the corporate world, but I felt unfulfilled, trapped, and out of balance. I anxiously embarked on my “no plan plan” journey where I empowered myself through facing fears, connected
more deeply with others, and had a lot of fun enjoying life! In that time, I found the deep strength and wisdom within and the calling to help others do the same.

I believe the coaching partnership is like embarking on a road trip together. As the the driver, you are resourceful, open-minded, and determined to make a big change in your life. You decide where you want to go and how we will get there.  

As the passenger, I point out when we’re headed off track, going in circles, or something is in your blind spot! More tangibly, I can help you clarify your vision (by “getting out of your head”), remove limiting beliefs and behaviors,
develop effective strategies, take action, ensure accountability, and celebrate wins. I see myself as a catalyst, accelerating people on the journeys they’re already on!

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Client Testimonials


Career Transition

Before I started coaching with Nicole, I was struggling with making a major career transition. She helped me envision a clear picture of what I really wanted. This visual of the life I really want has been my strongest motivator moving
forward. In working with Nicole, I have also redefined success and shifted my identity to more of an internal sense of achievements rather than focused on external rewards. Since starting my coaching journey, I am now running (and
succeeding at) my own business and am more excited about the future than ever before. Thank you, Nicole, for challenging me and providing a safe place to see myself and my wants more clearly.



Getting back into dating after a difficult divorce was intimidating, since the last time I had, it was …in the 1900s. Working with Nicole brought fun and lightheartedness into being online, which took out feelings of inadequacy and
awkwardness. Exploring issues around relationships was only a starting point – online dating was actually a strategic and concrete framework to figure out what I want in all areas of my life and how I want to show up while allowing
me to be in touch with my intuitive self and to be in charge of creating the life I want. Working with Nicole has empowered me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. She’s shown me how to get rid of limiting taboos and to lighten everything
that’s kept me from seizing what I want. I highly recommend coaching with Nicole. You’ll change your life and have a great time while doing so!


New Business

Nicole is a masterful coach. She instantly made me feel comfortable and effortlessly created a safe space for me to explore my challenges and fears around leaving the corporate life and starting my own business. She’s incredibly perceptive,
curious and inquiring. She helped me to look deeply into myself to figure out a clear direction for my future. And she always could make the sessions fun! Thanks to Nicole, I am now enjoying more freedom and am ready to take my business
to the next level. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Coaching Plans

Sliding scales available

1-Month Basic

Three 45-min. sessions


3-Month Basic

Six 45-min. sessions


6-Month Premium

Twelve 45-min. sessions + recordings/notes


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