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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
In the past couple weeks, I’ve felt like I’m coming down from a month-long high of hyper-stimulation and in serious withdrawal from seratonin and oxytocin. Even for an extreme extrovert, I’ve overextended my energy far beyond myself, seeping further and further away. I’ve been trying to reground and recenter by spending more time by myself, doing […]
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
Emerging from the desert and Burning Man can be a very jarring experience, especially when you don’t know whether you still have a job or not.  For better or for worse, it was quite smooth for me since I found out I still had a job and was quickly re-immersed as I worked out of […]
    So, it’s been a unique 34th birthday.  I crossed the border from Guatemala into El Salvador.  I upheld Asian stereotypes by devouring Chinese fast-food at the first multiplex mall in months (desperate times, desperate measures).  And as I write this, amateur electronic dance music is pumping, while fire dancers are honing their craft […]
I landed in Guatemala City around 9pm after a short flight from Cancun, drowsy and sleep-deprived.  It was actually quite absurd, because Marc had sent Arnoldo, his driver, to pick me up and drive me 3 hours to San Marcos in Lake Atitlan.  So, I’m picked up by two strangers, driven in a Toyota 4runner […]
As I head into the unknown at Burning Man, I’m reflecting on a really fun week and a half of roadtrippin’: with my family from Boston to Montreal and with two of my closest friends / sorority sisters from LA to San Diego and the best concert in my life – Taylor Swift! As I […]

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