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I decided to take a much needed break from traveling for some family QT, babysitting my nephews during Thanksgiving week. They were off school but their parents still had to work, so I embarked on my short-term immersive internship as a stay-at-home aunt. At 6 and 8, they play a lot on their own, and […]
I spent the rest of my super gay summer in Berlin with quick stops in Brighton for Pride and Barcelona for Girlie Circuit, before returning to the States for my annual camping trip with Katie and of course, Burning Man. This is just a really quick Insta catch-up of the last couple months and also […]
I spent a week recharging with family in Texas – a few days with my mom and bro’s family in Houston and a few days with my cousin, Em, in Austin.  While soccer momming it with my mom in Houston, I thought about how great it’d be to be closer to my nephews and a […]
We’re finishing dinner when Derek innocently cocks his head and shoots me a look of disappointment and confusion, demanding to know “Why have you not started writing your book?”  Sneak attack of guilt and accountability from a pint-sized tyrant.  Damn, he’s good.  I stammer a non-response, because I don’t have one.  Love, tough and otherwise, […]
Author’s note: I’ve really gotten behind in posting so some of these are from several months ago… On February 9th, a sunny day in Los Angeles, we laid my dear grandfather to his (body’s) final resting place next to my grandmother.  So many tears and sadness…but was really beautiful. I was fortunate enough to create […]
I shovel truffle egg white flan into my mouth at the decadent St. Regis breakfast while hungrily devouring my Whatsapp and Facebook messages. I’m a little drowsy from the melatonin I’ve been taking every night to adjust to the jetlag – after a week, I’m finally feeling accustomed to the Asian time zone, just in […]
It’s overcast and drizzly outside my studio in San Jose, a stark contrast to the always sunny disposition of Hawaii.  Even when it’s partly cloudy and storming in the winter, there’s a chill exuberance of life with the valleys and mountains coming alive with a rich coat of green. A dull ache sits in my […]
Lying on an MRI bed in Abu Dhabi while large metal magnets clang around my head; the cacophony overpowering Bruno Mars on my not-so-noise-cancelling headphones…flashes of my life…the big things and all the small things that have haunted my consciousness…belly fat, hair loss, too much work, too little work, FOMO about others’ vacations, partners, families…and I […]

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