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As I enter week 4 of quarantine since hoofing it back from Patagonia in an impromptu 48-hour travel marathon, the new norm is feeling oddly normal with punctuated pangs of panic against a backdrop of low key anxiety. It’s early April, and I’ve more or less been following my planned month of boring, except I’m […]
What a crazy world I reemerged into last Friday after just a week off the grid in Patagonia!  After a couple hours of waffling, I cancelled my trip to Easter Island and flew all the way back home to Hawaii in a 48-hour marathon travel to get back before borders/flights got complicated and be nearer […]
I’m about halfway into my time in Playa and loving it as always.  It has been restorative, revelatory, confronting, and preparatory for the next chapter of my journey.  Several themes have emerged for me this year and maybe they’re all interrelated in one big spiritual / personal development orgy…
This is 38.  I love it.  And sometimes I heavily dislike it.   There is pretty much nothing I could have predicted my life would be like ten years ago, and that fact is neither reassuring nor discomforting.  I am constantly reminded about the unstoppable march to death as my vision worsens, my hair recedes, […]
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After an exhausting tour in Uganda and a 40-hour trip back to the States, I had foolishly planned only a day of rest in Houston before jetting off to Baja California Sur for a 9-day dive trip. Add daylight savings to jet lag, and I was in piss-poor condition for an intensely physical adventure. With […]
After a brief respite in Houston, I headed to Africa for a 12-day tour with Bio Bio Expeditions (the company I teach yoga for in Patagonia) to raft the mighty Zambezi and go on safaris. I then took an 18-hour shuttle ride both ways from South Africa to dive and relax for a week in […]
A couple weeks ago, two deaths occurred that were existentially jarring and incredibly sad. First, I found out through her Instagram account that Emily Hartridge, a friend of Viv’s, died in an electric scooter / truck accident. The next day, I learned that my friend and coworker at HER, Jolene Manibusan, passed away.
There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
I decided to go to the Philippines, because I was planning to visit Ako in Tokyo and had a few weeks to burn in Asia.  Oddly enough I had never been to the Philippines and knew very little about things to do there, despite there being tons of Filipinos in Hawaii.  Based on the suggestions […]

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