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I decided to go to the Philippines, because I was planning to visit Ako in Tokyo and had a few weeks to burn in Asia.  Oddly enough I had never been to the Philippines and knew very little about things to do there, despite there being tons of Filipinos in Hawaii.  Based on the suggestions […]
10 days of oishi food, old and new friends, clean public bathrooms, excessive and intricate packaging, crowded trains, temples and shrines galore, glorious mountain nature, thrift shops, and a fun lesbian bar!  I came to Tokyo to visit Ako, one of my closest friends coming out of ALCN “coach school.”  I hadn’t seen Ako in […]
Amazing few days in the Glaciers National Park in Argentinian Patagonia: visited Cerro Fitz Roy (the poor knock-off of an inspirational corporate logo), boated up to the Perito Moreno Glacier (saw a big sheet of ice calve into the water!), and ate lots of lamb and gelato!!  One last long hike to Fitz Roy after […]
Author’s note: I’ve really gotten behind in posting so some of these are from last month… After an intense first couple of months in the year, including saying goodbye to my beloved grandfather and resulting grief- fueled chasing the night, it was hard to leave San Francisco, laden with such overwhelming fomo.  I was spinning at […]
Since the end of November, I’ve been traveling every two weeks: Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Hawaii, now back to Playa after five months, and next off to India and Singapore.  In the month of January, I will have only spent 8 days in the Bay Area.  I feel oddly at home returning to my nomadic lifestyle: […]
It’s overcast and drizzly outside my studio in San Jose, a stark contrast to the always sunny disposition of Hawaii.  Even when it’s partly cloudy and storming in the winter, there’s a chill exuberance of life with the valleys and mountains coming alive with a rich coat of green. A dull ache sits in my […]
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I absolutely love Playa despite the insufferable heat and annoyingly ambitious mosquitos. As I leave again for the 8th time in less than two years, I wonder what draws me to this place when every trip seems so different. I realize it’s an enchanting mix of challenge and comfort, unknown and familiar, social bonding and self-care […]
My name is Nicole, and I’m a sharkaholic.  Whale, bull, nurse, Galapagos…whatever, just bring them on! This whole post is literally about whale – fucking – sharks!  I will follow them committed stalker-style anywhere in the world…Western Australia, Maldives, Mexico… I spent a total of three days out in Isla Mujeres, including a romantic weekend getaway for […]
Every time I come to Playa del Carmen, there seems to be a very different theme to my stay. When I first came, it was about non-stop partying and embracing a wilder and freer me. The second time, it was about experiencing Mexican living and celebrating my quinceañera. Other themes included yoga teacher training and […]

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