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Between battling Bali belly (where I really learned to “let go”) and insatiable mosquitos, I’ve had a refreshing and invigorating three weeks in Bali, TAing the coaching course I took in Sonoma 2.5 years ago. Giving back as a volunteer TA allowed me to appreciate how much I’ve grown since my course and reminded me […]
After a restorative week and a half in Houston playing a stay-at-home-aunty, it was time to head home to Playa, my home away from home if I had a home! I’ve been coming to Playa since the winter of 2015 when I followed my spirit sister, Himilce, who was moving here to start a new […]
After an exhausting tour in Uganda and a 40-hour trip back to the States, I had foolishly planned only a day of rest in Houston before jetting off to Baja California Sur for a 9-day dive trip. Add daylight savings to jet lag, and I was in piss-poor condition for an intensely physical adventure. With […]
Brilliant last morning in Cape Town, grabbing breakfast at my local cafe with a view of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain.  It’s been an adventurous and relaxing two weeks filled with great white shark cage diving, hiking, wine tasting, cape exploring, walking tours learning about the turbulent history of race and class in South Africa, […]
After a brief respite in Houston, I headed to Africa for a 12-day tour with Bio Bio Expeditions (the company I teach yoga for in Patagonia) to raft the mighty Zambezi and go on safaris. I then took an 18-hour shuttle ride both ways from South Africa to dive and relax for a week in […]
I decided to go to the Philippines, because I was planning to visit Ako in Tokyo and had a few weeks to burn in Asia.  Oddly enough I had never been to the Philippines and knew very little about things to do there, despite there being tons of Filipinos in Hawaii.  Based on the suggestions […]
Hands down, this might have been the most epic visit to Playa and multi-day birthday celebration to date!  The 2.5 weeks slowly picked up pace as I dragged myself slightly tattered to a place I consider a nomadic home.  I found and grounded myself through the things I love: Mexican and expat friends, sharks, shark […]
Since the end of November, I’ve been traveling every two weeks: Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Hawaii, now back to Playa after five months, and next off to India and Singapore.  In the month of January, I will have only spent 8 days in the Bay Area.  I feel oddly at home returning to my nomadic lifestyle: […]
My name is Nicole, and I’m a sharkaholic.  Whale, bull, nurse, Galapagos…whatever, just bring them on! This whole post is literally about whale – fucking – sharks!  I will follow them committed stalker-style anywhere in the world…Western Australia, Maldives, Mexico… I spent a total of three days out in Isla Mujeres, including a romantic weekend getaway for […]

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