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After a tour-filled though relatively restful time in Cape Town, it was back to third-world Africa in Uganda. No more brushing my teeth with tap water. Anti-malarial pills. And more bush living. Frankly, I was very tired of traveling, especially strenuous traveling. Cue in a 9-day G Adventures trip with “participatory camping.” Fuck! I wish […]
Brilliant last morning in Cape Town, grabbing breakfast at my local cafe with a view of Devil’s Peak and Table Mountain.  It’s been an adventurous and relaxing two weeks filled with great white shark cage diving, hiking, wine tasting, cape exploring, walking tours learning about the turbulent history of race and class in South Africa, […]
After a brief respite in Houston, I headed to Africa for a 12-day tour with Bio Bio Expeditions (the company I teach yoga for in Patagonia) to raft the mighty Zambezi and go on safaris. I then took an 18-hour shuttle ride both ways from South Africa to dive and relax for a week in […]
Lauryn headed on to Costa Rica and I had a week or so with a true noplanplan.  So, I headed back up to Granada on an adventurous, quintessentially Central American ride in a chicken bus. I sweated in the sun for an hour, waiting for the old school bus to leave.  Happy to have a seat even […]
A monster travel day with a ferry, taxi, two plane flights, another taxi, another ferry, and one pick-up truck taxi to our final destination on the beautiful Island of Ometepe. After the idyllic Caribbean life, we headed into the laidback volcanic life of Ometepe, located in the middle of an enormous lake. Lauryn and I spent the next […]
I had a great week in Melbourne, catching up with new and old Yalie friends, sightseeing on the Great Ocean Road, checking out a wildlife sanctuary, wine tasting in Yarra Valley, investing in my sleep deficit, and trying to drink like I was a sophomore in college (it was a super depressing winter, OKAY?!).
It had been two years since I was last in Sydney en route to whale sharks and Tony Robbins and 10 years since I lived here…  It’s so interesting how my impression of Sydney has changed so much based on who I’m with and where I am in life.  When I lived here, I was 25 and really […]
After a dual-cultured, naturey, and food-filled time in the Alps of South Tyrol, I headed to Belen’s chalet, where I had a dual-cultured, naturey, and food-filled time in the mountains of Navarra.  I’m more of a sea level (or below sea level) island girl but have grown to appreciate the tranquility of the mountains…if only there […]
[Upfront disclaimer: I know these posts are incredibly back-dated, and the world has collapsed into apocalyptic shock from the election yesterday… I am still making sense of my thoughts and feelings but until then, here are posts from simpler times (i.e., last month!)] Fun fact: did you know that a region in northern Italy speaks German? […]

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