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After a tour-filled though relatively restful time in Cape Town, it was back to third-world Africa […]
Brilliant last morning in Cape Town, grabbing breakfast at my local cafe with a view of […]
After a brief respite in Houston, I headed to Africa for a 12-day tour with Bio […]
Lauryn headed on to Costa Rica and I had a week or so with a true […]
A monster travel day with a ferry, taxi, two plane flights, another taxi, another ferry, and one […]
I had a great week in Melbourne, catching up with new and old Yalie friends, sightseeing […]
It had been two years since I was last in Sydney en route to whale sharks […]
After a dual-cultured, naturey, and food-filled time in the Alps of South Tyrol, I headed to […]
[Upfront disclaimer: I know these posts are incredibly back-dated, and the world has collapsed into apocalyptic […]

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