As I enter week 4 of quarantine since hoofing it back from Patagonia in an impromptu […]
What a crazy world I reemerged into last Friday after just a week off the grid […]
Author’s note: I’ve really gotten behind in posting so some of these are from last month… […]
Every time I come to Playa del Carmen, there seems to be a very different theme […]
Lauryn headed on to Costa Rica and I had a week or so with a true […]
After what was more like a long nap in a legitly sketchy neighborhood in Managua, Lauryn […]
I’ve been obsessed with whale sharks for years and really caught the bug when i swam […]
After an intense, exhilarating, and exhausting 12 days in Cuba, Keri and I returned “home” to […]
  Who knew that Mexico would become my home base (más o menos)?  Yet, here I […]
As part of yoga teacher training, we had to write an essay “about yoga.”  Here is […]

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