What if a mash-up of Eat, Pray, Love and Wild were written by a queer Asian Millennial? It’s a bit much, you say? So is this story, and it’s 100 percent true.

After a crushing breakup, an Ivy League-educated corporate strategist ditches the Plan to embark on a transcendent bender of self-exploration, guided by fear and intentionally learning things the hard way. Her unapologetic odyssey of extreme empiricism charts its course by pin-balling from guardrail to guardrail: from blow job shame to erotic dinner parties, from lubed-up fertility assessments to lesbian lube wrestling, from silent meditation to deafening Burning Man revelry, from #metoo to teenage boy predator beast mode, from scuba diving the shark-ridden depths of three oceans to exploring the depths of her shadow self. She leaves the sterile safety of Silicon Valley for the parched deserts of Nevada, the solitary plains of Spain, the untamed wilderness of her unconscious, and a not-so-sterile return to San Francisco.

A memoir equal parts bro-ey and spiritual, THE NO PLAN PLAN (90,000 words) follows Nicole through her poignant and often hilarious adventures as she takes a leap of faith off the traditional path to satiate an unquenchable thirst for experiencing the fullness of life.

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