Nicole has everything she is supposed to want to have: the steep career trajectory, the enviably British boyfriend, and the trendy apartment with an accent wall in San Francisco. But she also harbors a smoldering dissatisfaction with
life, a shameful lack of sex drive, and a sinking suspicion that maybe she’s just not wired for happiness. When that inevitable breakup dominoes into a “third-life” crisis, the corporate strategist asks herself the obvious strategic

Are two blow jobs per relationship too few?

Where does one find women to date?

Exactly how much lube is needed for lube wrestling? 

Can sharks smell fear (or pee)?

Is walking 500 miles enough to leave your past behind you?

What is the difference between self-help and self-delusion? 

A memoir equal parts bro-ey and spiritual, THE NO PLAN PLAN (90,000 words) explores Nicole’s five-year Gaycation as she ditches the Plan to discover her sexuality and what it means to be a queer Asian Millennial
across the globe. Along the way, she pinballs between extreme worlds and meets an equally diverse set of guides: A young dairy farmer eager to please her in the verdant mountains of Galicia. Two charismatic cult leaders, including
one from beyond the grave on vintage VHS. A sexy Viking in the dusty revelry of Burning Man. A frustratingly alluring and narcissistic ex-lesbian in the erotic dinner parties of San Francisco. And ultimately, a globetrotting trailblazer…herself.

As a QPOC nomad, she discovers that the greatest dangers in queer travel aren’t hatred and homophobia but the internal struggle to define sexuality in a time when we cling to the very labels we wish to claim are obsolete. Follow Nicole
through her poignant and often hilarious adventures as she lives her

Eat, Pray, Love meets Wild dreams and learns that the answers to existential identity questions are less important than the journey to answer them. 

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